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Commonly referred to as 'Double Sided End Mounted Signs', these projecting road signs are used as wayfinding signage along footpaths or in urban areas, an aluminium panel is riveted into two sections of "T" channel and fixed to a post using uni clamps.

  • Commonly sized at 762mm x 165mm
  • Includes the use of T-Channel, Uni-Clamps, Offset Brackets & Rivets
  • Height and wind loading restrictions apply
  • Powder coated product available from upwards of a three day lead time
  • Non-powder coated options are available for express delivery

Although technically a variation on post mounted road signage, Projecting Road Signs utilise different components and largely serve a different purpose. As with other road signage variations, these are supplied on a express delivery and are available in RA1 & RA2 variations; or the whole assembly can be powder coated to match existing signage.

Road regulations specify minimum mounting height of 2100mm over pedestrian footpaths and 2300mm over cycle lanes

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